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Viva o Som Foundation offers a unique experience for volunteer audiologists, ENTs and Social Workers improving the life of thousands of people in the remote river side areas.

About Project Amazon

Project Amazon is initiated by the non-profit foundation Viva o Som. The mission is to improve the quality of people's life in the most impoverished communities of Brazil by offering free hearing care and treatment.

The project is a partnership between Oticon Foundation and Telex. Since its beginning in Nov. 2011 more than 2000 patients has been tested and/or treated with hearing issues and 80 hearing aids has been donated.

Integrating Academic Studies with a Volunteering Spirit

The project also proposes the integration of academic studies with a volunteering spirit. As part of the research methodology, clinical studies can be done with our patients that will serve for the presentation of results and discussion of the academic project.

Mission, goals and values

Our mission aims to assist individuals with hearing loss in procuring hearing instruments and to serve, advocate for, and empower individuals with all degrees of hearing loss and hearing issues. We seek to educate the public, increasing its awareness and understanding of hearing loss and the impact on quality of life. Our values is to show and implement respect in the local communities where we are working being ethical and transparent.

The daily routines include:

  • Screenings and fittings.
  • Hearing tests for children, teens and adults
  • Hearing check-ups at schools.
  • Lectures for parents, teachers and people who deal with children.
  • Language, voice and audiology therapy.
  • Donation of hearing aids.
  • About clinic

    The clinic has a permanent and dedicated staff to guide and assist the volunteers. Our values is to show and implement respect in the local communities where we are working being ethical and transparent. The volunteer will be living and working at the clinic, and besides a fully equipped audiology area, it embraces a relaxed atmosphere with living areas for the volunteers.

    Volunteer Facts

    Project Amazon is welcoming all Audiologists, ENTs and Social Workers. Both students and professionals can join the program.

  • The minimum age for participation is 18 years.
  • Students need to have concluded min. two years of their academic studies.
  • Duration period of stay is optional, but min. two weeks is required.
  • The hosting and application process is free and the costs related to the volunteer are travel expenses, meals and personal needs.
  • A professional staff is working at the clinic, so you will always be assisting people with local knowledge and skills.
  • The nearest airport of the clinic is in Parintins city, but the most traditional way is by local river boat from Manaus city.
  • Portuguese language skills are not a requirement but an advantage.
  • The clinic hosts only four volunteers a time, so prepare your stay in advance.
  • Please, contact us and become a volunteer!


    News Viva o Som

    The Viva o Som and Oticon Foundations work together to help hearing impaired people in Parintins (Amazon)

    Two children, one adolescent and one adult from a poverty-stricken community in the Amazon received cochlear implant surgies.

    On November 11th, 2015, the lives of four hearing impaired people from the Amazon were drastically changed. The Viva o Som Foundation – a non-profit organization which supports social projects in the area of hearing care – performed four cochlear implant surgeries in Parintins, a city in the middle of the Amazon.

    Foi a primeira vez que este tipo de ação aconteceu na região. Os implantes foram doados pela Oticon Foundation da empresa Oticon Medical. As cirurgias foram realizadas pelo otorrinolaringologista Dr. Arthur Menino Castilho e auxiliada pelo Dr. Luiz Carlos Avelino, ambos médicos voluntários.

    It was the first time that this has been done in the region. The implants were donated by the Oticon Foundation, from the Oticon Medical company. The surgeries were performed by the ENT, Dr. Arthur Menino Castilho and his assistant, Dr. Luiz Carlos Avelino who are both medical volunteers in the Foundation. Due to the lack of medical infrastructure in the hospital, it was necessary to design a meticulous plan involving everything from the transportation of a surgical microscope to medical materials such as gloves, sutures, cotton, compresses, gauze, etc, to effectively set up the operation room.

    “We understand that for some people, a hearing aid is not an adequate hearing solution. Just a cochlear implant would make an incredible improvement in their condition. And today we are very proud to say that we will help two children, one adolescent and one adult,” celebrated the counsel president of the Viva o Som Foundation, Morten Hellberg.

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